Well, its about time I said something about Illuminate Bath 2015. In case you don’t know, I’m the Creative Director and organiser of Illuminate Bath, and I want to make a great event for this January. The last full festival was in January 2012. Although I’ve done projections and artworks since in the name of Illuminate Bath, it’s certainly about time there was another big event. The City of Bath deserves it!

It’s going to happen in early January 2015, and I’ll be explaining more soon but for now, I need your support! I’ve got this idea to create a Big  Owl sculpture, in the middle of Bath. It might be 30 feet high, that’s giant!

It might look like this, only in colour and shiny…..



Yes, that’s right a shiny giant owl made out of reflective feather plates, and I want members of the public to purchase these plates and put their own designs on it. In fact I want 1000 people to do this. Below is my prototype for the plates. They’ll be made out of mirrored acrylic enabling them to be shaped and cut (hopefully), and allowing people to use permanent marker to draw then design on. And what isn’t covered will reflect coloured light that will shine onto the owl. I just need to work out how to make a structure for them to be attached to. If enough people buy them in advance then we can make the owl for the launch of the festival, if not, then we’ll start it and build it during the week of the festival.



“Why an owl?” Glad you asked.

It’s an Owl of Minerva, a symbol of wisdom and heavily associated with Roman mythology. I am hoping that we can create this owl right next to the Roman Baths, which will form a central location to Illuminate Bath 2015.

So there we have it. A Big Owl in Bath. I’ll be launching a scheme to enable people to take part by purchasing a tile (probably through Kickstarter). I think it will cost £10 to take part, giving you a feather tile to put your design on. If you can’t get to bath, then we can hopefully transfer a design of your making onto a feather for you.

Feel free to contact me via this website, twitter or through the Illuminate Bath Facebook page (please like it!). Especially if you’d like to express interest in joining the Big Owl project.







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