Illuminate Bath 2015

Outdoor Events

There’s a lot to say about Illuminate 2015. After successfully gaining Arts Council and BANES council funding, plus some sponsorship we were able to put on the third incarnation of the Illuminate event in Bath (previously Illuminate Bath). Illuminate 2015 featured mainly projection based artworks for one week at the beginning of the year. In fact it was the first event in the International Year of Light 2015 and was experienced by over 20,000 people!

To see descriptions of the artworks go the the website, which was created along with the main design by Bath Spa University, Creative Media Practice students. In the event, we featured international artists, UK artists and students to create eight artworks (7 projection and one dance piece).

Anthony Head created two interactive projection works. ‘Symphony of Light’ featured web-cams, real-time 3D graphics all shown in stereo 3D, with the audience requiring to wear red/cyan 3D glasses. ‘Painting with light’ used a webcam to record and feedback back coloured lights, allowing people to paint on the wall in light (like it says on the tin!).

Take a look at the gallery and the time-lapse film made by Jack Fisher.

Illuminate 2015 from Jack Fisher on Vimeo.