June 3rd to June 22nd 2016 and February 2017-2019

iMigration is a large-scale sculpture, a swarm of colourful paper butterflies, spanning 10 metres and suspended eight metres up in the air inside Bath Abbey and featured as part of Forest of Imagination 2016. The first impression for the audience is of a single group, a swarm of creatures that appear to be the same. Closer inspection reveals that each butterfly is unique, with its own digital genetic code and individual wing pattern influenced by random mutations.


iMigration explores themes of migration, diversity and individuality. In the swarm each butterfly features colour and patterns designed with computational methods: procedural textures, the fractal mathematics of nature. The butterflies will move gently in the air currents that fill the Abbey as if travelling on a migration. In today’s world of human migration and its reporting, it’s easy to forget how unique each person is, to reduce people to anonymous groups, stereotypes, or just numbers. iMigration asks you to seek the individual stories, the human beings in a world saturated by ‘mass’ media reporting, statistics and the digital consumption of news.