Light Years Projects 2002-2014

Software Art

Light Years Projects is a 12 year long collaboration between Anthony Head and Jeremy Gardiner. It’s been an investigation in the use of realtime 3D graphics combined with painting, to create virtual 3D paintings. Head is the software artist and programmer for the collaboration, working with the paintings of Gardiner to create the interactive landscapes based on the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage site in Dorset.

The resulting projects have been exhibited widely around the UK and internationally. In 2002 the project Purbeck Light Years was created. Between 2009 and 20011 a new batch of projects Light Years: Coast were produced and exhibited.

2014 Light Years: Coast, MediaWall, Bath Spa University
2012 Light Years: Coast, Intuition-and-ingenuity exhibition, Phoenix Square in Leicester, October
2010 Light Years: Coast, Illuminate Bath, Bath, UK, November
2010 Light Years: Coast, Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, UK, June-July
2010 3D 2D: Object and Illusion in Print, Printmakers Gallery, Edinburgh, UK Sept-Oct. Light Years: Coast and 3D printing.
2009 Light Years – Jurassic Coast, Electronic Visualisation in the Arts conference, London, UK, July
2009 Jurassic Light Years, 10×1, Cavendish Building, Bath School of Art and Design, Bath, UK, July
2009 Jurassic Light Years, Imaginalis, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, USA, March-April
2006 Purbeck Light Years, TwoNotTen Festival Exhibition, Bargate Monument Gallery, Southampton, UK, October-December
2006 Purbeck Light Years, Black Swan Arts, Frome, UK, January
2003 Purbeck Light Years, Poole Art Centre, Poole, UK, October
2003 Purbeck Light Years, Peterborough Digital Art Centre, Peterborough, July
2002 Purbeck Light Years, Deluxe Gallery, London, UK, June

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