Marvellous Marble Machine

Digital Design

On the 18th June 2015 Bath Spa University hosted the 5x5x5=creativity conference, Creative Revolution, with a keynote by Sir Ken Robinson. Over the two weeks up to that day, Bath School of Art and Design (BSAD) hosted a ‘School Without Walls’ series of workshops which enabled year 4 school children from St Andrews Primary School, Bath to take part in a variety of art school related experiences.

For this, Anthony Head created a unique learning experience for children at a local school, St Andrew’s in Bath, along with many volunteers. The result was Marvellous Marble Machine: A giant autonomous marble run. Children gained insight into how computer games are made by planning the layout of a section of the marble run, selecting a theme, creating the graphical elements; including backgrounds, characters and objects. The machine itself is also features physics education as well as art, design and creativity, game design, covering ideas such as friction, balance, mass, acceleration, gravity and some ambient ‘marble run’ sounds.