Red Nose Pinball 2011

Outdoor Events

In February 2011 I projected a game¬†that I had been developing¬†with students. ‘Red Nose Ball!’ A fun and interactive pinball game shown on the walls of the Roman Baths in Bath (courtesy of the cooperation of the Roman Baths). It was an event requested by Comic Relief and an opportunity to get some students involved with making graphics for an outdoor projection.

I programmed the game, a simple and humorous pinball game with three different levels. Using two pressure pads the audience could jump left and right to operate the paddles. A group of Graphic Communication students designed the graphics for the three levels, working in small teams for each level. We careful mapped graphics to fit the features of the Roman Baths complex walls. I recorded sounds to give it a light-hearted, if not slightly surreal aspect.

On the night we were joined by the Natural Theatre Company’s Red People and BBC Points West came out to film it.