Stage one of Lulworth Cove

Stage one of Lulworth Cove is achieved. To start off, I’ve gathered some Lidar information, courtesy of the download service at Channel Coast Observatory. There are a few glitches with it, but it will do for a start. I’ve stitched together 4 tiles of 2m resolution Lidar data together and incorporated them into a terrain in Unity3D (my choice for realtime 3D graphics). This covers a 2 x 2 km area. However, on comparison to the photograph I took of the cove, I see that I need to get a few more tiles of data to cover the terrain in distance. Indeed, the photograph even reveals that the Isle of Portland is visible from the cove, so I really should include this too.

The rest of the graphics are temporary. The terrain texture is also taken from Channel Coast Observatory but is only used temporarily. I intend to replace this with painting textures (that’s the part that involves landscape painter Jeremy Gardiner). Likewise the sky is just a standard skybox and I want something more painterly. In previous Light Years Projects, every texture has been painted. The water is simple at the moment, ultimately, I intend to have waves and tide information linked to the sea, providing realtime data to affect the scene.

As this project progresses, you’ll see this coastscape turn into a more painterly experience.

Lulworth Cove virtual and photo.

Lulworth Cove virtual and photo.

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